News Aug 11, 2023

Traphaco Joint Stock Company organized customers appreciation conference in Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces

Following the events held in the North and the South, the customer appreciation conference series of Traphaco Joint Stock Company has come to the North Central region of Vietnam.
On August 7th – 8th  and August 9th – 10th, Traphaco Joint Stock Company organized a series of Customers Appreciation Conferences for loyal customers from Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces respectively. This is an annual activity that helps Traphaco strengthen connections with customers and accompany in the cause of bringing green products and human health care.
Customers of Quang Binh province had 2 days of sightseeing and interacting in the dreamy land of Hue, starting with experiential activities at Thanh Tan hot spring tourist area. Immediately after that, Quang Tri customers "arrived" at the coastal city of Da Nang with the first destination being Nui Than Tai hot spring park.
The gratitude event is indispensable for a Gala dinner with intimate meetings between customers and the Company's leadership. The meeting party is an opportunity for Traphaco to send sincere thanks to loyal customers who always accompany with and support the company; At the same time, sharing the Company's achievements and development strategies in the future.
In the program there is also a seminar "Pharmaceutical industry development trends and effective business solutions". Here, speaker and expert Loan Van Son shared with participants about attitudes, skills, sales methods and answered concerns of pharmacies during their operations, helping pharmacies understand more about the values of individuals and groups in sustainable cooperative relationships.
Besides providing soft skills and practical lessons, the seminar is also an opportunity for Traphaco to introduce strategic product groups of Herbal and Non-Herbal Medicine; about the production process, especially the production process at the most modern modern pharmaceutical factory in Vietnam - Traphaco Hung Yen. From there, customers understand more about the Company's high quality pharmaceutical production capacity. Through a modern factory platform, technology transfer projects and bioequivalence assessment research, Traphaco is fully capable of creating Western medicine products that have the same therapeutic effect as Foreign origin brand-name drugs, but also reasonable price for Vietnamese people.
With a lot of useful information updated, after the conferences, the guests sent back many emotional feedback:
Customer Tran Thi My Linh, My Linh pharmacy, Le Thuy, Quang Binh said: "After the accompanying program with Traphaco and attending the conference 'Pharmaceutical industry development trends & effective business solutions', I realize my value and responsibility for the health care community; know how to create joy, guide and advise customers better.”
Customer Nguyen Thi My Linh in Quang Trach, Quang Binh shared: "Traphaco team imparts very meaningful knowledge, very good development direction, always accompanies and cares for each customer. Thank you Traphaco for a very meaningful trip and a lot of knowledge. Hopefully in the coming time, Traphaco company will grow stronger and stronger.”
Customer Nguyen Thi Huong in Quang Ninh, Quang Binh wrote: "The sharing at the seminar gave me a feeling about the company's products with quality and reputation coming first. I feel secure in bringing these quality products to consumers. In addition, I also received inspiration and motivation from Mr. Son. Thank you Traphaco.”
Customer Tran Thi Hong in Vinh Linh, Quang Tri said: "We feel many very real things that we have not thought about for a long time even though we are close by. Hopefully there will be more workshops in the future for us to learn from. Thank Traphaco company very much, wish your company good health and further development."
Customer Ngo Thi Nguyet, Trieu Phong, Quang Tri shared: "After the program, I feel I need to try to improve my expertise and change the model and form of the pharmacy. Thank you Traphaco for creating conditions for customers to access many useful things."
Customer Nguyen Thi Tham from Lao Bao, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri expressed: "Traphaco is like a family, warm, happy and sociable. We look forward to having more new experiences with the Company. Each trip is memorable and worth cherishing. Sincerely thank."

Some images:

Customers take photos at tourist attractions 

Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer spoke at the conferences 

Pictures of Company Board of Managements and delegates 

Customers participated in exchange programs, minigames and draws at the Gala Dinner

The company's Board of Management awards prizes from the Lucky Draw program to lucky customers 

Customers take souvenir photos with the company's Board of Management 

Seminar program Pharmaceutical industry development trends and effective business solutions with presentation by Speaker Loan Van Son

The company's Board of Management and speaker Loan Van Son donated books to customers