News Oct 06, 2016

Traphaco continues sponsoring Hanoi University of Pharmacy’s activities

The Traphaco JSC and the Hanoi Pharmaceutical University today signed an agreement under which the leading pharmaceutical company of Vietnam will sponsor the university’s program to celebrate its 102nd anniversary.

Attending the signing ceremony were Ms. Vu Thi Thuan - Chair of Traphaco Board of Directors, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – the company’s General Director and Mr. Nguyen Dang Hoa - Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy and many officials of the both sides.

Traphaco General Director Mr. Tran Tuc Ma and Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy Nguyen Dang Hoa.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Hoa, on behalf of the university, expressed his gratitude to Traphaco’s assistance in recent years.

Hoa said: "Over the years, Traphaco has always been with the Hanoi Pharmaceutical University, not only in celebrating activities but also in the training, research cooperation and exchange of expertise. The company has always been the leading donor for the university’s meaningful programs".

Traphaco General Director Tran Tuc Ma said that Traphaco overcame initial challenges and difficulties to develop robustly in recent years, with an average growth rate of 20% a year to become the leading pharmaceutical firm in Vietnam.

Leaders of Traphaco and the Hanoi University of Pharmacy witness the signing ceremony.

"The above achievement was partly contributed by the human factor or the human resources of the company. Traphaco’s key leaders were educated at the Hanoi University of Pharmacy. This is a precious gift that the university gave our company," said Mr. Tuc.

Traphaco Chairwoman Vu Thi Thuan said: "We are proud to be former students of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy. This is the cradle where train skilled, talented people who well understand the tradition of paying grateful to their benefactors and promoting the power of solidarity and cooperation. So we believe that the cooperation between our company and the university will be growing effectively in the future."