News Sep 30, 2016

Traphaco among the top 50 listed companies in Vietnam

Traphaco JSC has been named as one of the top 50 listed firm in Vietnam, the fourth consecutive time, by Forbes Vietnam.

The list of the top 50 listed firms was released by the well-known magazine at the Intercontinental Saigon Hotel in HCM City on September 29th.

At the ceremony, for the first time Forbes Vietnam also announced the list of the top 40 valuable company brands of the country. Once again Traphaco was named, ranking 31st with the value of US$25.5 million.

Forbes made the list based on Forbes' assessment method, which calculate the contribution of the brand to the business performance and the level of sustainable development of the firms. This method requires transparent financial data.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma, Traphaco JSC General Directo, says that to ensure transparency, Traphaco has built the open operating and control regulations that are based on the company’s objectives. With a good solution, a clear goal, Traphaco has effectively used tools of enforcement.

With the brand development strategy based on product quality, the value of Traphaco brand is not only confirmed in the list of the most valuable brands in Vietnam but also demonstrated by the relationships that Traphaco has created in the minds of consumers. Traphaco’s values ​​are not merely numbers.

To accomplish this goal, Traphaco has kept researching and developing the green value chain: Raw materials - Technology - Products - Distribution Services. Traphaco has brought to the market unique products of high efficacy and safety for users, which are competitive to imported products.

In 2017 Traphaco’s largest project – the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Factory - will come into operation. The plant is built on 46,288 m2 of land, with an annual capacity of 1,200 million units.

Once the factory is put into operation, it will create more than 400 jobs for local people. Like other pharmaceutical manufacturing plants of Traphaco, this one also applies green technology, which is environmentally friendly, contributing to complete the green value chain that Traphaco has been pursuing: green materials, green technology, green products, and green distribution services.

This year Traphaco plans to earn a total sales of VND2,100 billion, including about VND1,500 billion from Traphaco’s exclusive products and the products that are distributed exclusively by Traphaco. After-tax profit of Traphaco’s shareholders and the parent company is estimated at VND210 billion.

The goal set for the term 2016 - 2020 is the total revenue growth must be at least 12% per year while profit growth is 15% a year. From now to 2020, Traphaco aims to become the number one business of the Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry in terms of revenue, profit and market capitalization.

Traphaco is currently the leading firm in Vietnam in the oriental pharmaceutical segment, with the two most famous products: liver medicine (Boganic) and neurological drugs (brain activity encouragement medicine - Cebraton). These two products respectively rank the second and the sixth in the Top 20 OTC pharmaceutical products with the highest revenue.