News Sep 19, 2016

Traphaco Sapa’s products honored as the best agricultural products in 2015

On September 16, Traphaco Sapa, a subsidiary of Traphaco JSC, received the certification for “Outstanding agricultural product of 2015” for its two products - Artichoke herbal material and Artichoke jelly - at a ceremony held at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace.

The ceremony to honor outstanding agricultural products of Vietnam and the businesses that greatly contributed to agricultural production and charity activities in 2015 was attended by Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, a member of the Party Central Committee and Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers' Association and senior officials of many ministries and central agencies.

Granting the certification of outstanding agricultural products of Vietnam is an annual activity of the Vietnam Farmers' Association to honor the best agricultural products and the products to serve agricultural production created by farmers, cooperatives, businesses and organizations.

In 2015, 153 outstanding products were honored as the best agricultural products, divided into three groups: Agricultural products, processed products, and products to serve agricultural production.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers' Association, said: "The honor of outstanding agricultural products and products to serve agricultural production is to honor talent, effort, creativity, and the desire of farmers, cooperatives, businesses and organizations who directly make branded products of high quality that are trusted by consumers".

MTV Traphaco Sapa Limited is a company totally owned by Traphaco JSC. It was established in 2001 to produce pharmaceutical materials and healthcare products and services.

As a sci-tech firm, Traphaco Sapa has taken breakthrough developments in the career of pharmaceutical development, especially in the period from 2015 to present. (Box)

Within 5 years (2010-2015), Traphaco Sapa developed ​​90 hectares of Artichoke in the two districts of Bac Ha and Sa Pa in Lao Cai Province, with the participation of 200 farmer households.

The company’s Artichoke garden yields an annual output of about 1,800 tons of raw material, creating 600 jobs with average income of VND3-VND5 million ($150-$250) per person per month. Up to 80% of the farmer households joining this project are ethnic minority people.

In terms of quality, Artichoke produced by Traphaco Sapa was certified by the Department for Management of Traditional Medicine under the Ministry of Health to meet the GACP-WHO standards (Good agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants) with an area of ​​15 hectares, producing 1,200 tons of material a year. This is the first pharmaceutical plant in North Vietnam recognized to meet the GACP – WHO standards.

From this source of material, the company has produced Artichoke jelly, with 2 types of products: Articho sapa jelly and Artichoke material jelly.