News Oct 29, 2016

VFF Chairman Nguyen Thien Nhan visits Traphaco

On October 29 morning, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, a Politburo member and Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) led a delegation of the central steering board of the campaign “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods” to visit the headquarters of Traphaco JSC in Hanoi and meet with Traphaco Chairwoman Vu Thi Thuan and Traphaco General Director Tran Tuc Ma.

Reporting to the delegation team on the implementation of the campaign "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods" at Traphaco, General Director Tran Tuc Ma said that the company directly registered with and was honored to be chosen by the Ministry of Health to jointly carry out the PR plan entitled "The Path of Vietnamese Medicine".

According to Tuc, the program has importantly contributed to campaigning and disseminating the value and quality of domestically-produced medicines to physicians and people of Vietnam, through which enhancing the trust of Vietnamese people on the quality of Vietnamese medicines and encouraging to give priority to using Vietnamese drugs.

Sticking to the content of the project "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese medicine", Traphaco has carried out synchronous solutions such as investing in research and application of scientific and technological achievements in the production of drugs up to the good practices (GPs) standards, ensuring good quality, reducing production costs, meeting the requirements of the people.

Traphaco has restructured and renovating its distribution system in order to ensure the timely supply of drugs in an effective manner; and strongly invested in PR and advertising activities at hospitals and drug distribution channels. Not only improving the quality of Vietnamese medicines for Vietnamese people, Traphaco is an outstanding business in the consumption of Vietnamese products.

The implementation of the project "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese medicine" has encouraged doctors to give priority to the use of Vietnamese drugs and hospitals to prefer Vietnamese medicines.

The program "The Path of Vietnamese Medicine" has widely diffused to the people of Vietnam the achievements the Vietnamese pharmaceutical sector and the efforts to improve the quality of Vietnamese drug of local pharmaceutical enterprises.

The Ministry of Health has encouraged and praised the units that well performed in improving the quality of products and scientific research through presenting the award "The stars of Vietnamese medicines". Traphaco was honored to win the award for its five products, including Boganic, Ampelop, and Didicera. These products are widely used at hospitals nationwide. The award has contributed significantly to building the brand Traphaco – the outstanding brand for the “Vietnamese medicines for Vietnamese people”.

At the meeting, Traphaco leaders proposed the delegation to continue the campaign "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese medicine" and the Ministry of Health to continue PR activities for the program "The Path of Vietnamese Medicine" and to give priority to the use of the products that win the award "The Stars of Vietnamese Medicine" and to have policy to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese drugs of high quality.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan highly appreciated the efforts of Traphaco, especially in the use of the local sources of raw materials to produce medicines, which helped improve the lives of ethnic minorities. He also praised Traphaco’s customer care services and its modern distribution system.