News Jan 31, 2023

Warning on online recruitment scams

Recently, we have recorded information about the act of posting fake job scamming for Traphaco Joint Stock Company, setting up a website with the address www. and post job vacancies on job search groups, forums, recruitment apps with Traphaco logo, direct messages through Zalo messenger app, ...). Thereby, enticing people who need to find a job to register and charge them the amount of money to activate the account, then appropriation of property.

Traphaco Joint Stock Company affirms that the recruitment information through the above forms is completely fake for the purpose of fraud; violate the law, infringe on Traphaco's brand and trademark and cause damage to candidates who are looking for a job.

Regarding personnel recruitment, Traphaco Joint Stock Company affirmed:

1. The company only recruits through the form of direct application / Curriculum vitae through Vietnamworks, direct interview at the Company's office, DO NOT COLLECT ANY FEES from candidates.

2. Recruitment information of the Company is posted on our Website:, Fanpage Traphaco Con đường sức khỏe xanh, and recruitment page Vietnamworks.

For the above fraudulent acts, we will coordinate with related parties to handle.

We are pleased to announce!

Some pictures of fake information: