Press with Traphaco Dec 01, 2017

How does Traphaco keep its flame during 45 past years?

In Traphaco these days, the most topical story and most-heard question is "Who, which group will be in the list of 20?". They are the champion of the annual contest, a Traphaco’s unique feature.

Traphaco Idol

Every year, Traphaco has a program to promote emulation among employees, realising the "Message of the Year". This program has been a remarkable activity in the enterprise's annual scheme. Traphaco Idol, as many staff happily named it, has been in its sixth year.

Keep our flame, keep Traphaco in our ways

The year 2017 is selected as the year for "Work Effectiveness" to focus on the goals of improving business productivity by improving the performance of each division/individual throughout the company. Traphaco employees across the country had proposed nearly 300 programs with specific goals and solutions and made registration as early as February. After appraisal and approval, 261 programs were implemented and the end of November, on the company’s establishment anniversary, comes the time for evaluating the results.

The 20 best programs, evaluated carefully by specific numbers, will be honored and awarded. Take a look at the two outstanding “candidates” to see how competitive and demanding the champion is. One of them is the goal of putting Vietnam Pharmaceutical Factory into operation on July 1, 2017. Operation launched in such an early time could save 2.38 billion per month. Pharmacy is a rigorous industry, so submitting the application for WHO-GMP production standard and being licensed within 3 months can be considered as a record.

Another candidate is the idea of new design for the bottleneck of solution products. This will reduce the cost by 24%, improve their competitiveness.

"Traphaco Idol" also honors 20 excellent individuals from the list of 60 nominees from different divisions. They are selected by the CEO and awarded a trip abroad. CEO Tran Tuc Ma has commented in detail explaining for his decisions. Last year's ceremony was really memorable when just only the second comment was read, everyone in the hall was chanting the name of the winner as the CEO’s comments was so accurate.

Every year, when the time for the contest comes, the whole company is heated with an exciting atmosphere, branches in the South, the Central continuously made calls to guess the results. At the headquarter, the judges were "bribed" with tea and sweet and drinks just to tip off some hints on the results. An exciting, inspiring, cheerful and close-knit feeling filled the air. And at the beginning of each year, people are eagerly awaiting the New Year message, associated with a new emulation program to have opportunities to innovate, dedicate and shine.

Visiting Traphaco these days, you can easily indulge yourself in that atmosphere. The creator of Traphaco Idol, CEO Tran Tuc Ma, said he came up with this idea six years ago, from the thought that the resources of each person and every business is limited. At each stage, the enterprise as well as the individual should focus on one goal, do the best, exert the greatest effort, then the best achievement will come. Traphaco's Message of the year is to identify central activities, create the power from a close-knit and solidary community, develop an environment for departments and divisions to build up soft power, the powerful bond making Traphaco’s own cultural identity.

“Message of the year” is close to life with inspiring emulation programs such as "Beyond yourself - 2012", "No more misuse - 2013," “Traphaco – all for customers" in 2014, "Our company our culture - 2015", motivating employees to break through their own limits, explore their potential abilities by programs and goals built by themselves.

Through six seasons, Traphaco people all feel that the programs have generated really good results, enhancing the process compliance and self-discipline among workers. The detailed announcement of each step in implementing the program has demonstrated the seriousness and professionalism of the Organizing Committee, which also helps each person be more aware of implementing emulation programs, guarantee the require of quality and time.

In the program for individuals, each chosen name is considered with all heart and mind. "My employees are all excellent, it’s hard to make decision but I have to choose the best ones," said Mr. Ma.

Keep our flame, keep Traphaco in our ways

As an usual at the time of evaluation, Mr. Ma received the question "Dear Boss, what is the message for New Year?". Each message is usually no more than ten words, but his assistants understand it requires so much brainstorming and consideration among enormous paths and directions that a minor mistake could lead to a misguided journey.

Traphaco’s unique culture

 "Message of the year is the best of choices. There are no right or wrong choices but the proper and suitable one. The CEO must tailor it based on the company's resources, background, culture, business environment and market conditions," Mr.Tran Tuc Ma shared.

Forty-five is the maturity of a life, how to grow Traphaco further and better, how to maintain the flame in each Traphaco people is the mounting concern to the pilot of this ship. Beside the traditional herbal sector leading the pharmaceuticals market, the age of 45 marked a turning point for Traphaco when the Western pharmaceutical factory officially came into operation. Moving to the new and fiercely competitive market is a bold and challenging step

but facing difficulties and challenges has become a habit of Traphaco. Mr. Ma often said that the method helping you success today will no longer does tomorrow. Therefore, as soon as achieving success, Traphaco start a new journey, find a new space to explore. In 2014, when the wholesale model is still profitable, Traphaco decided to pull it down and build a new distribution system, focusing on retail. In 2015, once confidently taking No. 1 in the traditional medicine market, Traphaco started a new game in the field of modern medicine. And now Traphaco is fulfilling its dream of providing Vietnamese people with international quality pharmaceuticals.

Revolution 4.0 is turning the world of 6 billion people into a flat one, the Internet is changing every aspect of consumer behavior, but Traphaco’s desire to create and build up the green path of healthiness remains ardent like its first days. Surely it’s still the anchor for the ship firmly and confidently to conquer the further shores on the coming journeys.