News Jan 30, 2023

Traphaco organizes the Opening Ceremony of the Lunar New Year and launches the Emulation Program in 2023

On the morning of January 30th, 2023 (January 9th of the Lunar Calendar), Traphaco Joint Stock Company held an opening ceremony with the participation of the company's Board of Managements and all employees in Hoang Liet area.

As noted in the entire Traphaco system, Traphaco employees had a warm, happy, joyful and safe Tet Holiday, spending all the holidays with their loved ones.

COO Dao Thuy Ha reported the sales and distribution situation of the year

Next, in the report from the sales and marketing department, COO Dao Thuy Ha said that the first sales and distribution of the year had been prepared before Tet Holiday, and the OTC business bloc had launched with the program “Early Spring Lucky Money" for pharmacy customers, this activity is both a gratitude to customers and contributes to the main revenue for the first quarter of 2023 business plan. The ETC business division had 10 orders out in the morning of January 30th and is expected to continue to record many more orders. The period from the beginning of January to before the Tet holiday, the company has reached 50% of the revenue of January and February. This is a good begining, a premise to complete the key tasks of 2023.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma – The CEO wished a Happy New Year to all employees of the company

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma, General Director of the Company had a summary of the achievements that the company has achieved in the past year and shared the vision and orientation for the new year. The year 2023, according to many experts, is a year of many challenges and difficulties with the risk of decreasing purchasing power, increasing inflation, the competitive situation in the pharmaceutical industry is still challenging. However, Traphaco is facing many strong development opportunities, the company's 'position' and 'force' are much higher than in previous years, its reputation is confirmed, its products are good, its financial system is strong and Especially Traphaco people have the capacity and desire to contribute. The CEO called on the company's employees to unite, cooperate, promote Traphaco's culture in the new period, together well perform the responsibilities of each individual, each department, contributing to the overall success of the company. With the strong Traphaco brand for 50 years, he believes the company will be more successful in the year of the Rabbit 2023.

CEO Tran Tuc Ma gave lucky money to employees

The meeting, as in the tradition of previous years, is also indispensable to launch the Emulation Program for the New Year. Mr. Nguyen Huy Van, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice CEO of the company, opened his launch by asking the question of the 4th industrial revolution wave.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Van - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chief of Research & Quality Officer launched the Emulation Program in 2023

“Now scale does not equal speed and thinking is stronger than experience are becoming the universal law in the modern world. Vietnam is not an exception to that rule, in the period of "golden population", there is a young, inquisitive and gifted workforce in mathematical thinking. These are great opportunities for the Vietnamese people. For our country, taking advantage of the achievements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and adapting to it is of paramount importance.”
Following the success of Traphaco's 50th Anniversary Celebration, in 2023 the Company's Party Committee launched the emulation program: "Speed and Digitization - Connect for Success". All Party members, staff, and employees in Traphaco system promote patriotism, national pride, implement 6 supreme cultural principles, promote Traphaco tradition, unite, union solidarity, showing the will, bravery, intelligence, spirit and strength, efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges; emulating production and business development, taking care of jobs, income and life for employees, turning the dangers and challenges into opportunities for themselves, their department and the Company.

"Let's make Traphaco shine brighter than the brightest times in history." That is the belief and aspiration shared by Mr. Nguyen Huy Van to close his speech. That "burning" spirit, warmed by the joyful red color of lucky money envelopes and congratulatory glasses of wine, created an energetic start-up for all employees of the company, towards a productive year.