News Jan 19, 2023

Traphaco Joint Stock Company summarizes before the Lunar New Year holiday in 2023

On the morning of January 19th, 2023 (December 28th, Lunar Calendar), at Hoang Liet Hall, Traphaco JSC held a meeting with the Board of Managements and all employees of the company before the start of the Lunar New Year holiday.

During the meeting, representatives of the divisions: Business, Planning - Purchasing, Human Resources - Administration, Company's Union reported on the preparation work before and after the Tet holiday, ensuring a happy, safe and convenient Tet holiday.

Mrs. Dao Thuy Ha – COO reported on business activities before and after Tet Holiday

In particular, the company has received positive signals from the market since January, achieving 50% of the planned revenue in January & February. Starting from 2023, Traphaco deploys to split the entire sales system into 2 groups of herbal medicines - non herbal medicines, invest in human and material resources, and separate sales policies with many incentives to promote the 2 main pillars for development.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - CEO wishes all employees New Year

Speaking to the company's employees, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - General Director was pleased that all the preparations were planned and fully implemented. The CEO feels a common spirit of the whole company, which is joy and belief. Happy that the sales situation flourished at the beginning of the year, gaining strength from consensus and openness in the whole system; At the same time, he realized the trust between leaders-employees, between customers and company policies, understanding and willingness to accompany the company.

The year 2022 marks a new development step of Traphaco with a journey of 50 years of construction and development, making Traphaco the No. 1 pharmaceutical brand in Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry. This is also the year of starting the implementation of the Business System Restructuring Project, applying the new Delegation of Authority and Organization Model, planning the areas of Sales and Marketing, Research and Development (R&D), Financial - Planning and supporting parts.
Traphaco had a successful year with a revenue of more than 2400 billion, profit after tax of 290 billion, both exceeding the annual target. The average income of employees is over 30 million VND/person/month, an increase of over 13%. The targets of registration number, new product development and other targets have all been completed and exceeded the set plan.

Traphaco is also very proud of the year 2022, which has been recognized by society through noble titles and awards: receiving the 2nd First Class Labor Medal, and winning many international and nation titles, awards. 

In the next year, with the goal of "Maintaining the No. 1 position in Herbal medicine - investing in the development of high-quality modern medicines", Traphaco has built a plan to reach 2600 billion in revenue and 326 billion in profit after tax. Welcoming 2023 with a steady mind and a desire to break through, Traphaco is ready to accept new opportunities, focusing on some big projects such as:
•    Carry out comprehensive digital transformation of all company activities.
•    Invest in upgrading production lines for the High Tech Oriental Medicine Factory (Traphaco CNC); Feasibility assessment of GMP-EU investment in Traphaco Hung Yen; Continue to implement phase 3 of technology transfer.
•    Promote sales of products with market opportunities, phase 1 technology transfer products and bioequivalent products.
•    Develop a master plan for the development of sales channels into the system of hospitals and clinics.

Ms. Tran Thi Anh Phuong - President of the company's union spoke at the meeting

On behalf of the Board of Management, the CEO sends his best wishes to the Board of Directors, the Board of Managements and all employees to celebrate the New Year of the Cat with health, safety and happiness. On behalf of Traphaco employees, the President of the Company's Trade Union thanked the Board of Managements for creating favorable working conditions and environment, bringing stable income for employees, committed in 2023, the collective Traphaco employees continue to further promote Traphaco's cultural spirit, make creative and breakthrough efforts in their work, contributing to exceeding the 2023 plan.