News Jan 11, 2023

Meeting Anniversary to wish Retired Officers a Happy Lunar New Year 2023

On the occasion of the old year is going to pass and the coming of the Lunar New Year, on the morning of January 11th, 2023, Traphaco Joint Stock Company held a meeting to wish the retired cadres Tet in a warm and intimate atmosphere. This is an annual event organized by the Company, also a typical culture at Traphaco, so that generations of staff and employees have the opportunity to gather in the early days of spring.

An honorable ceremony to welcome 125 retired cadres through many periods

The ceremony honorably welcomes 125 retired staff of Traphaco, Traphaco CNC, Trapaco Hung Yen, Traphaco Sapa, retired staff of the Department of Health and Transport over many periods. Welcoming distinguished guests were Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - Secretary of the Party Committee, CEO of the Company and the Executive Board of the Party Committee, Board of Directors, Board of Managements, Heads of Departments, Board of Managements of Traphaco CNC, Traphaco Hung Yen, Director of Traphaco Sapa, President of Trade Union, Secretary of Youth Union of Traphaco Joint Stock Company.
Traphaco's 2022 ended with the impression of brilliant blue from the iconic diamond in the great celebration of 50 years, the journey of Creating a Green Era to usher in a 2023 with more breakthroughs.

Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - Secretary of the Party Committee, CEO of the Company wishes the retired officials Happy Lunar New Year

In that excitement, Mr. Tran Tuc Ma - Secretary of the Party Committee, CEO of the Company, on behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Managements, sent New Year greetings to all Traphaco retirement ministries and made a preliminary review results that Traphaco has achieved in the past year. 2022 is a year with many complicated developments in the health sector, the situation of the Covid epidemic as well as unpredictable changes in the economy. In the midst of that, Traphaco company has strongly restructured, arranged the organization in line with the strategic direction. The company also organized many activities and emulation programs, especially the series of activities "Pride of Traphaco" with the message "Inheriting the tradition - Firmly stepping into the future". The company was honored to receive the Second Class Labor Medal for the second time, along with many international and national titles and awards.
Traphaco had a successful year with revenue of over 2400 billion, profit before tax about 400 billion. In the next year, with the goal of "Maintaining the Number 1 position in traditional medicine - investing in developing high-quality modern medicines", Traphaco has built a plan to achieve 2600 billion in revenue, over 400 billion in pre-tax profit and many other indicators. other goals, believe that the Company will develop more strongly.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors spoke at the program

On behalf of Traphaco's retired staff, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet - Former Chairman of the Board congratulated the achievements that the Board of Managements and employees of the company achieved in 2022 and especially the attention of the Board of Managements in the activities of the Traphaco Association of Retired Officers. She also recalled the 50-year history of the Company as well as shared her pride when the last great anniversary was held grandly and solemnly, fully expressing the Company's values. She is also proud of the 39-year tradition of organizing a meeting for retired officials, so that the old and new generations of Traphaco can meet and exchange experiences and visions. In the past year, the Retirement Association has organized many meaningful activities, sending staff to convalesce, visiting and supporting during the Covid epidemic… In 2023, Traphaco's Retirement Officers Association will maintain its operations and are being implemented in 2022 and expand many other activities. The Association also wishes to continue to receive the support of the Board of Management of the company in the coming years.

Mrs. Vu Thi Thuan – Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, former CEO of the company spoke at the program

Also in the ceremony, Ms. Vu Thi Thuan - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, former CEO of the company also expressed her joy about the journey and the achievements that the company has achieved, the belief in the goals of the company. The goal will be achieved in the future, it's emotional to see many faces of officials who have accompanied her and Traphaco. She also highly appreciated and thanked the Board of Directors of the Company for maintaining humane treatment policies for retired officials; propose activities to make the Retirement Association more vibrant and cohesive.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung - Former Deputy Head of Human Resources Department presented a singing at the meeting

The entertainment performances from retired cadres as well as from the Traphaco music team made the meeting more colorful, making the messages sent by the generations blend together. Besides heartwarming messages from previous generations, the current generation of Traphaco also shows determination, trust, and firmness on the company's path towards.

The company's leadership took memories photos with the retired officials