News Oct 14, 2022

Congratulation to the first branch of Traphaco that reach the finish line of the Plan in 2022

On the afternoon of October 14th, 2022, the Board of Managements of Traphaco JSC took the business trip at Phu Tho branch office to congratulate and reward the first area to complete the revenue in 2022.

Mr. Vu Dinh Minh - Director of Phu Tho branch briefly reported the business results of the area

At the meeting, Mr. Vu Dinh Minh - Branch Manager briefly reported the business results of the area. Accordingly, the branch completed its 2022 revenue on October 13th, which is nearly 3 months earlier.

Mrs. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer congratulates the branch's success

The branch manager on behalf of the branch team thanked the Board of Managements for their timely attention and congratulations, and pledged to continue the double-digit growth in 2023, looking forward to the company continuing to create conditions to support and maintain an efficient and transparent working policy.
As a pioneer area to separate Sales Reps of Herbal – Non Herbal medicine since January 2022, in 10 months, Phu Tho branch team has made an effort, making an impressive breakthrough with 40% sales growth, Herbal Medicine group grew by more than 32%, the Non Herbal medicine group grew by 55% over the same period in 2021.
Branch employees are also very excited as the branch's average KPI is always 1.1 or higher, salary and bonus are guaranteed, with monthly support programs to help keep the income of branch employees at a high level more than 2021.
In order to achieve the targets soon, Phu Tho Branch bravely was the first province to set the annual plan and the targets (assigned by the company) to be clearly allocated each week, each day and for each Sales Reps; incorporate a weekly review of the line's sales capabilities. With the roadmap of Week 1: implementation, Week 2: acceleration, Week 3: accomplishment and Week 4: completing categories according to the target according to the sales policy for customers, the branch manager has led sales reps to successfully conquer the monthly/quarterly goals one by one.
Dare to think, dare to do, and dare to share, Phu Tho branch is also one of many typical areas contributing to internal communication training activities, sharing experiences and practical implementation methods, there are many ideas and initiatives to adjust and improve the sales program to be more attractive and effective.

The company's leadership congratulates and rewards the collective and individuals of Phu Tho branch

The proud result of the collective Phu Tho branch - once again affirms the strategy of separating Herbal – Non Herbal medicine is correct and is the experience of innovation and creativity, creating a premise for Traphaco to make a break through in the future.
Congratulations to Phu Tho branch and encourage other branches across the country to quickly reach the finish line, setting up achievements to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company's traditional day, contributing to making Traphaco more and more powerful.