News Mar 30, 2022

Traphaco was honored with Top 100 Vietnamese Gold Stars in 2021

On March 30th, 2022, the Vietnam Central of Young Entrepreneurs Association held a ceremony to award the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021. Overcoming hundreds of brands selected and nominated from provinces and cities across the country, Traphaco Joint Stock Company (Traphaco) was honored to be voted and won the title of Top 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2021.

Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Chief Operating Officer represented Traphaco to receive the award

In 2022, the Vietnam Gold Star Award marks a nearly 20-year journey of implementation and brings positive social values, honoring the growing Vietnamese business community and contributing to the development of the country. This year, the Award Appraisal Council classified Enterprises into 3 groups of Green - Yellow - Red with different criteria, of which the Green group is the group with the highest criteria, which is exempted from direct actual appraisal at the enterprise. Traphaco Joint Stock Company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2008, with transparency in governance and finance, and audited by a company belonging to Big4, and has been classified into Green group by the Appraisal Council.

2021 is a special year not only for Traphaco JSC but also for the Vietnamese business community. The 4th Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented socio-economic crisis, but once again it is a test to prove that businesses that focus on sustainable development are able to maintain and grow, even in the most difficult period.

 2021 can be said to be a successful year in all aspects for Traphaco. Traphaco company has completed all the set targets, net revenue reached more than 2,160 billion, reaching 102.8 percent of the plan, growing 13.2% compared to 2020; profit reached 265 billion, 10.5% higher than the plan, up 22.2% compared to 2020. Sales of manufactured goods and distributed goods both achieved good growth.

Also in 2021, the Company has carried out many major activities, most notably completing the business restructuring plan, which separates the traditional and non-traditional business segments. This is a transformational step to improve competitiveness, flexibly adapt to market changes, in order to realize the strategic goal of "Maintaining and maintaining the No. development investment in addition to Oriental Medicine".

In terms of social community development, in the past year, Traphaco has joined hands to prevent epidemics: Supporting hospitals and frontline forces to fight the epidemic with 1 billion VND, supporting the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund. , Support the program of Safe medicine bags (Ministry of Health) 200,000 bottles of T-B Fresh antiseptic mouthwash, Ensure policies to support company employees infected and affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The title of Top 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 is a recognition for Traphaco's efforts and achievements in 2021 as well as the past 50 years for the cause of people's health care.

The Vietnam Gold Star Award will be the driving force for Traphaco to continue to be consistent with the "Green Health Road" strategy, aiming to become the No. 1 pharmaceutical enterprise in terms of revenue growth and profit by 2025; constantly offering "green" products suitable for modern society - Vietnamese medicinal products for the Vietnamese people.