News Jun 15, 2021

Continuing to donate heat-resistant COVID-19 sampling chambers to Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Thai Binh

Maintaining activities to cooperate with the community and society to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, on May 14th, 2021 Traphaco Joint Stock Company and TML Volunteer group (Technic Medical Labs) continued to give 10 test chambers Mobile COVID-19 for 3 provinces: Bac Giang (5 chambers), Bac Ninh (3 chambers), Thai Binh (2 chambers). Previously, the group gave 05 chambers to Hanoi CDC.

Mobile COVID-19 testing booth is given in Bac Giang

Mobile COVID-19 testing booth is given in Bac Ninh

Sampling chambers are quickly transferred to the facilities for exploitation and use. According to the initial assessment of the doctors directly involved in the sampling, the sampling chamber is convenient, easy and meets the requirements of preventing cross-contamination as well as the safety of doctors during the sampling process.

Equipped with air conditioners, ventilation fans, disinfection lights, audio receivers, etc., the mobile sampling chamber deployed by Traphaco and the TML team will help medical staff partly avoid hot sun, high temperature when wearing protective gear and especially minimizing the risk of infection when in contact with a large number of people taking samples for testing.

With the spirit of "Real thinking, Real doing, Effective is Real!", the project team wants to contribute to share the difficulties and hardships of frontline doctors in the fight against the epidemic, and support with the whole country to soon repel the COVID-19 epidemic.