News May 21, 2020

Traphaco Youth Union cooperates with the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union to deploy the Voluntary Sharing Love Program

Promoting the spirit of Traphaco's culture in the new period, Traphaco's Millennium Delegation has been proactive and creative in movement activities. Specifically, in cooperation with the Central Youth Union to organize a volunteer program in A Pa Chai - Muong Nhe - Dien Bien, helping the disadvantaged people to overcome the Covit-19 pandemic and visit, presenting border guard gifts to fight epidemics in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province.

Responding to the calls of the General Secretary, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Prime Minister on the implementation of Covit-19 epidemic response activities; promote the shock and voluntariness of union members and young people to take care of and support people and disadvantaged children affected by the Covit-19 pandemic to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives. With the spirit of "No one was left behind", and promptly encouraged the border forces to join the epidemic room in the border area, from May 15 to 17, 2020, Traphaco Youth Union and the delegation Central Committee, Dien Bien Provincial Union, Capital Volunteers Club, Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank), Youth Union of Traphaco Joint Stock Company, A99 Vietnam Training and Communication Company, Cong Vietnam Youth Tourism Services Development One Member Limited Company, the Youth Union of Hai Duong General Hospital organized the Voluntary Sharing Sanitation program, helping hands with the disadvantaged people to overcome Covit-19 epidemic in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province with a total budget of over VND 400 million.

At the program, the units awarded a fund to build a rural traffic bridge worth VND 120 million; inaugurating 01 youth play ground works for children worth 20 million VND; deploy 02 bookshelves Lighting up the dream of upland knowledge with the number of 400 books and children's stories for elementary school grades.

The companions awarded 100 gifts of basic necessities and supplements to increase resistance to life for policy beneficiary households and households in difficult circumstances in the locality; donating 2,000 notebooks, 700 glasses of milk, 20 scholarships, 05 bicycles to students in difficult circumstances.

In addition, the units conducted visits to encourage and donate basic necessities and 2,000 masks, 02 guitars to the border soldiers and soldiers of the A Pa Chai Border Station to participate in the prevention of Covit-19 epidemic. in the border area of ​​Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province.

This is a meaningful activity for the Youths of the Central Youth Union and its coordinating units to take care of and help the disadvantaged people to overcome the Covit-19 pandemic in disadvantaged, remote and isolated areas. far, the frontier place of the Fatherland.