News May 13, 2020

Communication of Traphaco's Culture of the new phase

On May 13, 2020, Traphaco Joint Stock Company organized a Model Communication Conference, starting a series of activities to implement Traphaco Cultural Communication in a new period in May 2020. The conference with the participation of the entire Board of Directors, subsidiaries and management staff took place in a focused atmosphere, with a constructive spirit to achieve the best communication performance.

General Director Tran Tuc Ma shared the meaning and importance of Traphaco Culture in the new period

At the beginning of the Conference, the General Director shared about the significance and importance of Traphaco Culture in the new period as well as the Mission, Vision and differences of the two periods 2017-2020 and 2020-2025. Why must build Traphaco Culture new phase.

Traphaco from a small business has grown into a leading pharmaceutical brand in Vietnam. In recent years, one of the factors that have influenced the pace of development is that some cultural and behavioral values ​​are no longer suitable for the new development stage, affecting the overall performance. . Therefore, the company chose 2020 as the year to build a new Traphaco culture, in order to create a new competitive advantage for businesses, especially Traphaco people with the spirit and motivation to develop and consolidate their self. proud and connect individuals with the company.

6 reasons to build Traphaco culture New period

1. Create a competitive advantage for the company to develop sustainably.

2. Agree on how to think and how to do it in the company.

3. Create a professional and effective working environment.

4. Promote growth, reach common goals.

5. Eliminate the "self" toward the common goal.

6. Creating motivation, belief, attachment, pride of employees about the company.

From the point of view of consolidating and promoting the appropriate elements of the previous period, improving and applying them in the coming period, all the factors, values, properties and behaviors outlined in the Culture Handbook The new phase of Traphaco needs "Easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to implement", following the policy of "Thinking, speaking and acting", sticking to reality, promoting reality.

In the content of the Traphaco Culture in the new period, the General Director emphasized the management team, this is an important team, making a big decision to implement the strategy and the will of the Board of Directors to the whole employees, so that employees can see their goals and values. To be effective, the General Director emphasized that Management staff need to understand, instill and strongly agree with the organization on the vision and strategy.

Six (06) behaviors of the Manager, clearly state what they need to do, need to show, act as a bridge between the Board of Directors and the staff. That is, Sharing vision, culture, strategy; Building an effective working environment, connecting teams; Staff development; Excellent performance; Exemplary; Sincere and open.

Of those six behaviors, "setting an example" is probably the first one that Traphaco needs in its management team. The role model here is exemplary in the implementation of managerial conduct standards, ultimate cultural principles, company regulations. What is difficult, the manager must take the lead, do it first, to lead other members to follow, motivate and encourage employees to act with him. The first person to do right or wrong will also be reflected in reality through the junior staff. How to set an example? From attitude - working style, to labor productivity, efforts to complete monthly / quarterly KPIs of their department, managers must do well and do well for employees to follow.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh Hue - Head of Personnel Department shared about 6 principles of ultimate culture

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh Hue also shared very carefully about the 6 highest cultural principles. This is the realization of the actions of 6 core values, becoming the first official Code of Conduct at Traphaco on all behaviors, attitudes, and working styles in the system.

1. Honesty: Doing it right even when no one controls it

2. Brave: Accept change, accept challenges.

3. Be proactive: Act without waiting.

4. Connection: Coordinate action to the end.

5. Creativity: Is there any better solution than no.

6. Responsibility: I, the cause, the solution.

In conclusion, from finding the cause and offering solutions, the company has applied, changed, and resonated with the application of developing Traphaco Culture at a new stage, the Board of Directors believes in the success. merit of the big goal ahead.

The discussion took place enthusiastically with many comments and questions from the managers, representing the departments and areas of the company, along with a frank and thorough discussion from the Board of Directors. Very soon, these contents will be communicated to each employee by the Section Manager directly in this May, with typical practical situations at that department.

At the end of the model communication session, the General Director, the Board of Directors and the Head of the Department were committed to perform the 6 acts of the Manager, demonstrating Traphaco's will and cultural spirit in the new period from the leadership level. leader of the company. All employees of the company can follow the updated information in the "Culture Month" of Traphaco at Facebook Group, Traphaco - The house is happy and well prepared for the communication of their departments and divisions.

The General Director and the Board of Directors and the Head of the Division are committed to perform 6 acts of the Manager