News Oct 08, 2019

Traphaco exclusively distributes imported New Zealand Gold canned milk products

On October 7, 2019, Traphaco JSC held a Launching Ceremony of New Zealand Gold milk product line which is imported from New Zealand and be exclusively distributed in Vietnam market by Traphaco JSC.

Attending the event, there are Mr. Keith Conway - the Deputy Head of Mission at the New Zealand Embassy in Vietnam, Ms. Karlene Davis - Consul General Designate and Trade Commissioner to Viet Nam, Mr. Phil Wilson - Sales and Marketing Manager of Pure Nutrition of Westland Milk Products , Traphaco's Leadership and journalists as well as more than 300 largest milk distribution agents in the North.

The official launch of the New Zealand Gold milk product line

New Zealand Gold milk is manufactured in a self-contained chain process: milk from standard dairy farms is sent to processing and packaging factories on the most modern and advanced technology lines of the New Zealand dairy industry as well as in the world. From these come perfect formula milk products for the growth and development of babies in the first years of life or for expectant mothers.

In particular, materials for New Zealand Gold milk are of the purest natural source when the milk is delivered from "happy Jersey cows" (one of the best dairy cows in the world currently) that are freely grazed on the largest green grasslands of the New Zealand West Coast. This is known as a natural paradise with beautiful natural scenery, cool and fresh air, and the most peaceful in the world. Along with the source of fresh green grass, the cows drink the pure water from the glacier melting from the snow-covered Alps all year round, which helps Jersey dairy cows here produce new, fresh-flavored milk and best quality nutrition to make New Zealand milk being enjoyed by consumers in hundreds of countries around the world.

Because milk is guaranteed to be traced to each dairy farm and is really natural, New Zealand Gold's baby milk products are rated as 95% similar to breastmilk, suitable and safe for the babies sensitive digestive system in the first years of life as well as for pregnant women in need of nutrition.

CEO Tran Tuc Ma speaks at the launching ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO Tran Tuc Ma said: “One of Traphaco's strategic orientations is based on the strengths of the Brand and distribution system to find partners, select quality and safe products to serve the health care needs of Vietnamese people.  Through the reference of the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Companies Association and the connection of the Consulate General of New Zealand, Traphaco meets with Pure Nutrition representative of Westland Milk Products Group with more than 150-year history of establishment to cooperate in exclusive distribution of New Zealand Gold milk products and other products of the same brand of Westland Milk Products in Vietnam market”.

Mr. Phil Wilson - Sales and Marketing Manager of Pure Nutrition of Westland Milk Products Group

Mr. Phil Wilson - Sales Manager of Pure Nutrition stated that: “Among the 10 major Vietnamese companies referenced to us by the New Zealand Consulate General  in Vietnam, we are truly impressed with Traphaco because they meet all our wishes in choosing a partner. Therefore, Traphaco is our first partner in Vietnam. However, Traphaco is not only the exclusive distributor of New Zealand Gold milk products, but also the strategic and comprehensive partner of Pure Nutrition and the joint venture when there is a uniformity in the orientation and vision of the two brands”.

Ms. Karlene Davis - Consul General Designate and Trade Commissioner to Viet Nam

Being the connecting person for the two cooperating businesses, Ms. Karlene Davis - Consul General Designate and Trade Commissioner to Viet Nam highly appreciates the strategic cooperation relationship between Traphaco and Westland. Moreover, the two big brands cooperation not only takes advantage of each brand but more importantly, contributes to strengthening the strengths of the two, with the goal of bringing Vietnamese consumers the quality, reputable and nutritious products for mothers and children in Vietnam”.